The Fallen Vampire by Beata Blitz

In The Fallen Vampire we meet Chloe, who lives in a world that is ruined because of the wars between the higher powers. Beata Blitz describes the world in detail, something you have to get used to in the beginning of the book.
When Chloe goes to a birthday party, even though she isn’t allowed to go out, Chloe shows her powers by accident. The people around her are shocked, even though this is a bit of a understatement. They call her a witch and want to burn her alive. So much for an accident…
And after that moment her life changed forever. People whom she was once close, loathe her now. Even though the only thing that happened, is that they now know what Chloe is capable off.
From that moment Chloe flees, her story begins. Unexpected things are happening and they’re wel written. Only at the end of the book the story starts to make sense. And when you hit that mark in the book, you want more. After you’ve finished the book, you know one thing for sure: that you cannot wait for the release of the sequel!

I really enjoyed this prequel of the series and cannot wait for the next book to show up. I gave the book 4.5/5 stars!


Book info

Pages: 150;
Release year: 2016;
ISBN: 978-1-541-07339-5;
Publisher: Blitz Romance
Genre: Young Adult – Fantasy
Format: E-Book


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