Overhyped books 2016

At the end of every year on my Dutch blog, I publish a blogpost called “Overhyped books”. Last year I couldn’t upload it due to my broken arm, which made blogging really hard. But finally, the blogpost about the overhyped books is here!

Last year I got to know my taste in books better. I am not picking up a book just because it has a lot of hype surrounding it. I pick up a book because I think I’ll like it, and not because other people like it.


But I still have read a few overhyped books in 2016, and today I’ll tell you all about them!
DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t fond of these books. There is a possibilty there is a book on this list that you adored, and it’s my opinion guys! So no hard feelings, right?


Anyway, let’s start with the book that I though were overhyped!

  • The Winner’s Curse
    Alright, let’s kick this list off with The Winner’s Curse! I heard a lot about this book before I bought it, a lot of good things actually, which was why I eventually bought it. I was super excited to start with it. But.. It wasn’t a book for me. It was an okay book, but for me it wasn’t worth the hype. The book was lacking a few things, especially the immersion. I also didn’t like the aspect of slavery. I was never really fond of it.
    Ofcourse, when someone is super enthiousiastic about a book, you’re prone to pay more attention to the details.
  • Heartless
    Oh Marissa Meyer. You wrote my favorite series: The Lunar Chronicles. So ofcourse I was super excited about Heartless. I am always fond of retellings, and since I know Marissa Meyer is a great writer, I had to get this book! But man, this book was a huge disappointment. It looks really pretty, but the inside isn’t alike. Which sucked. The book gets boring really easily and it is really long-winded. Which was the biggest reason why I wasn’t fond of this book.
  • Not A Drop To Drink
    Not everyone will regonize this book, but if you like dystopian books, there is a pretty big chance you’ve heard of this book. It was disappointing read because I was expecting a completely different story!
  • Fool Me Once
    This book made me get into the biggest reading slump I have ever gotten. So yeah.. I heard a lot of people who were loving this book, but I didn’t, and got the biggest reading slump ever. So, getting a reading slump because of a book is never a good sign!
  • Uprooted
    sounded great! I am still in love with the cover, but sadly, the only nice thing about the book. I wanted to read this book for a while, and I saw the book a lot on YouTube.
    This story was freaking me out on soo many levels. If you’ve read it, you know what I am talking about.
  • Clockwork Princess
    DON’T HATE ME. But if I am being honest..? The book was long-winded and only the ending of the book made it better. Because the ending was amazing, but that was the only thing that I loved about it. For me there wasn’t any relevant information in the book, only the ending was something nice. I am so sorry guys! I really loved the other two books, but this one really gave the trilogy a different twist, which I wasn’t really fond of.
  • Passenger
    Now, before you start, I did like the book! The dustjacket is pretty and the book hidden under the dustjacket is also pretty. But, for me it wasn’t hype worthy. Now, I may need a re-read of the book, to understand it a bit more. I am not sure if I’ll read the sequel of this book, I think I will. But I liked the descriptions that Bracken wrote, that is for sure J
  • The Wrath and the Dawn
    Another amazing pretty book! And another book I though was a bit overhyped. But I also couldn’t really get into the story because of the names. I had big trouble pronouncing the names, and I kept the trouble with them throughout the whole book, which was the reason why I couldn’t submerge myself into the story.
    But, it was also a typical YA book. Really typical, and I hate those book where you already know what is gonna happen!


What where your overhyped books of 2016?


2 thoughts on “Overhyped books 2016

  1. I agree about the Wrath and the Dawn. I was super excited to read and it just really fell flat for me. I never ended up finishing it at the time I read it. I was in a reading slump and it wasn’t engaging enough to pull me out of it, but I don’t know maybe I’ll revisit it sometime. But anyways, I love the list. There are so many books that are raved about all over the internet, but really just aren’t that good. Sometimes I get fooled by the hype, but now I too am starting to figure out the type of books that I actually really enjoy reading.


    1. I also get fooled quite often by the hype surrounding books. They can be soo misleading!
      I wouldn’t start again in The Wrath and the Dawn, it is always tricky to go back to books you read while being in a reading slump!

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