Revenge and the Wild – Michelle Modesto

What would you do, if the family who ate your parents, and your arm, suddenly appear in front of you? You would probably do the same thing as Westie; getting revenge.

Westie lost her arm when she was just a child. It was also the last day she saw her family alive. Westie changed a lot since then. Now she has a big mouth, a mechanical arm and it looks like she isn’t afraid of anything. But her past is haunting her. Westie is determined to take revenge on the cannibals that deprived her family, especially when they suddenly stand in front of her, while Westie practically searched everywhere for them.

This book has been on my bookshelf for waaaay too long! And ever since I picked it up, I wanted to read it pretty badly! But I never got around to actually reading it. The thing that made me pick up was Westie and her mechanical arm. I was really curious to see how the author would incorporate such thing into a book. And I never read a YA novel where cannibalism was a thing, which was also a reason to pick it up.

The book without dustjacket is really pretty. Is has a few modest gold spots on the cover. I have never seen something like that, it is really unique and fits the setting of the book.

When I started reading this book, I didn’t know what to expect from it. I just started the book with knowing very few things about it. I only knew Westie and her mechanical arm and something with cannibalism.
It took me 5 days to finish this book, and the farther you’ll get, the easier it is to get through the book.

“Revenge and the Wild” is a fun book to read, but it doesn’t live up to its name. I was expecting some sort of western-ish theme. But that was barely there. There was enough of the “Revenge” part though, so maybe that makes it even..?

Westie herself is a very unique character, she is even stronger than she thinks she is. The reader can get the idea that nothing can bring Westie down, but the further you get in the book, the more you realize that Westie isn’t like that.

Furthermore, the book is very exciting and unpredictable, and I love bookd that are unpredictable. I love it! The book contains little to no romance, which I also appreciate.

I gave the book 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend it!

Book info:
Publisher: Balzer + Bray;
Amount of pages: 384;
Version read: Hardcover;
ISBN: 978-0-0623-6615-3.


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