The Three Mothers – Justin M Taylor

The Tree Mothers by Justin M Taylor contains three different stories. Even though the stories are all different, they have one thing in common. With every story, there is something spooky going on. And that is also the main part of all the stories. The horror elements that just make you think as a reader. “What if? What happend?” And for me, those stories are the best!


This short book contains three stories in total. Every story is unique in it’s own way and you can’t really compare them.
The first story is called Flower Power and yes, it is about hippies. In case you didn’t thought about hippies when you hear flower power.

The second story is called Dead Heat. When you finish the story, you get the title. I do not feel like telling what is going to happen.
The last story was my favorite! It had some fantasy elements, which I loved to freaking much. You already an idea about what was going to happen, but even though you have an idea, the ending still suprised me.


What I enjoyed about this book, is that you notice the progress the writer makes. And if there is something that is important about a book, is that you notice that the writer gets better. And Justin Taylor gets better in his stories!

I really cannot wait for his next book!


I would recommend this book to other people, ofcourse, but you have to like open endings and the horro-ish elements that are super important in this book.


I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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