Icefall – Mica Stone & Walt Stone

In “Icefall” we get introduced to a world that is covered in ice, and reminds us more of the ice age than a world where people can live in. But people live in this world. Some are born naturally, others are created in a lab, in a way to create “perfect” people. Those who aren’t born in a lab are quite rare. Mostly because those who get created in a lab can’t reproduce, because they get pills so they aren’t able to, and don’t feel like creating new people.


Cerebus is the one with power in this world. They control pretty much anything. The Eartlanders (aka the people who live on earth and are natural born) rebarely have any free choice, they have to give  lot of their food to the Cerebus, which leaves them with barely and food left.

And, as expected, not everyone agrees with the Cerebus. But help can get from unexpected people, especially if they are from Cerebus.


In the beginning I had to get used to this book, it gets better when you make progress. When you get used to the writing style the book also gets better.

About the writing style, you definitely have to get used to that. This is because of the different POV’s per character. So, for this book contains both an I-perspective and a he/she-perspective, which changes per character. Especially in the beginning this got super annoying. A book just needs one POV, regardless of the number of characters.
The book contains two main characters, Odessa and Rey. An Eartlander and a Cerebus. Odessa’s chapters are written through her eyes, and Rey’s chapters are in a he/she-perspective. Every chapter we get a different character, and a different perspective. And this was my main issue with this book. It a thing that can be amazing for a book, or be its downfall. And for this book, it actually was a downfall, sadly.


The characters are better, luckily! They all have their unique elements that makes them enjoyable! Though there are certain moments that it looks like the characters know each other for way longer than a few hours (which is the reality).
Also, certain events happen a bit too fast, and certain events are a bit too slow for my liking. Which makes the book sometimes hard to read, because after an exciting event, you knew it would be slow after. Which sometimes makes the book a bit wordy and boring.


Of course I have also positive things about this book! The world building for example was something I really loved in this book. The world is really unique and I enjoyed the descriptions of the world so much!


I would love to read the second novel in this series, especially since there is a lot of room to improve!


I ended up giving the book 3 out of 5 stars!


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