Objects in the Mirror – Tudor Robins

Meet Grace, a fifteen year old who loves working with horses. She gets along with them pretty well and is a jumper. But Grace’s issues are bigger than the ones at the stable. She is struggling with her weight. Even though she is already pretty skinny for the people around her, for her it is not enough. She wants to lose more weight, even if that means that everyday she is pretty much starving herself, just to lose weight.

One day at the stables, they get a few abused horses. They are all super skinny and are barely hanging on. Are the starving horses going to help Grace battle against her anorexia? Or is Matt, her co-worker and a super handsome guy, the one who can help her with her battle? Or is the anorexia going to win?


The book got my attention because it sounded like an amazing mix between a contemporary novel and horses. I love horses, they are amazing creatures, and I love to read about them. But, most of the books I pick up, don’t have horses as a main thing.

In this book, both anorexia and horses are the main point. They make a really good mix, which was quite suprising!

Even though this book is really short, it really got to me. I enjoyed this book so much and wished it was longer! I am so planning to pick up other books by Tudor Robins. I fell in love with her writing style. Do keep in mind that you need to know the basics of horserinding, otherwise I am pretty sure you’ll dislike it. It contains a few terms, that you know if you’re horse riding. Now, this is just a tiny disclaimer if you are interested in picking up this book!


I gave this book the 5 stars it deserves and cannot wait for more books of Tudor Robins!


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