The Names They Gave Us – Emery Lord

In The Names They Gave Us we meet the Christian teen Lucy Hansson. Lucy was ready for the perfect summer with her boyfriend, working at the summer camp her parents own.
But when Lucy’s mom cancer comes back, the summer is far from perfect. It is like Lucy’s life is falling apart. Her boyfriend pauses their relationship and Lucy’s mom wants her to be a counselor at a different camp. Which means she is not able to see and help her mom daily while she is going thru chemo. But to make her mom happy, Lucy decides to go the other camp, the one for ‘troubled’ teens.

While Lucy tries to get used to this new life, it gets turned upside down once again when Lucy develops a crush and discovers long-hidden family secrets….

When I started reading this book, I wasn’t able to put it down. I actually read this book in one sitting, and that has been ages ago since I did something like that. But this book was too good to put down!

This book deals with so many issues at once, which just makes this book incredible to read. I guess the hardest thing to read, was how someone started doubting their own belief. Mostly because that is not something you give up on easily.
Emery Lord’s writing style is sooo amazing! It made me laugh at the right moment, but also made me tear up at other moments.
When picking this book up, be aware that once you start reading, stopping because the hardest part. You just want to know how Lucy is doing, how she is handling certain situations and you just want to make sure she is okay.

This book also deals with stereotypes, this time about those who are Christian. The book makes strong points about it. That, even though someone who didn’t follow the rules of their belief is still someone who deserves help. No matter what you have done. And we need more people like that on this world.


I highly recommend this book, just keep tissues somewhere close by while reading!


I ended up giving the book 5 stars!


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