Popular Books I Haven’t Read (yet)!

 I saw a booktuber doing this tag (?) and I really wanted to do this tag! Maybe to bring some shame on me? Or maybe so you guys can relate to me? (or hate on me?)

So, here are a few popular books I haven’t read yet!

  1. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Now, hold your horses people! I am talking about the full series, and I am not yet at that point that I have finished the whole series. I read the fifth installment about a week ago, and I read the first Harry Potter book, like, a year ago?
I was very hesitant to start the series for multiple reasons. My main thing was spoilers. I already know what is going to happen, so do I really have to read the books? People spoiled me so much on it, and I can get so angry when I get spoiled! When I told someone on Facebook to say somewhere Harry Potter spoiler, she got all sassy and was like “but the books have been published for ages”. That doesn’t give you the right to spoil. I could spoil you for a book that has been out a week and then tell you “well, you should have read it the day it was released”. Some thing, right?

And another reason was that I was pretty sure I would not be affect by the series as much as other people. This because I did not grow up with the books. When you grow up with a certain series, it will always hold a special place in your heart.
And yeah, this was the case for me. I am not touched so much by the series like other people have. I mostly think they are okay, honestly not really worth the hype, but once again, when you grow up with series like this, they are worth the hype. The fans made this soo huge, because they grew up along with Harry Potter.

  1. Outlander

Everytime I watch Sasha Aalsberg videos, I feel bad for not reading Outlander. I mean, when she tells about is, it sounds soo amazing. I never found a copy in the bookstore that I liked. Or it was a mass paperback copy, or a copy that can damage easily. But I really should just order a pretty copy. But this one is sooo huge!

  1. A Game of Thrones

The 7th season of the TV series has begun, and I have yet to read any of the books. I do own the first book, but it is sooo huge! It has 780 pages, and the last few pages contains all the info from the families. And that is like, a lot. That moment when a book contains a lot of information about families you know shit is about to go down. And that terrifies me more than I like to admit! So yeah. I am planning to read it this summer though!

  1. Hamilton

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Hamilton themed stuff around. And yeah, haven’t read it, nor seen the musical of it. So yeah, I should. I know I should have read it.

  1. Basically every classic

Well, as stated, I need to read soo many classics! The only classics I have read (and have recollection of reading) are Peter Pan & Black Beauty. I own a few more (Moby Dick, Sense and Sensibility, Treasure Island, Alice in Wonderland), but I want to buy more and just read them all. They are classics for a reason, so most of them must be good!


So yeah, here are just a few popular books I haven’t read yet. There is a big chance I forget a few books, I am sorry if I did, but I know I haven’t read a lot of popular books. BUT I DON’T HAVE SO MUCH TIME *cries in a corner*

What is a popular book you haven’t read yet?


3 thoughts on “Popular Books I Haven’t Read (yet)!

  1. I still haven’t read Outlander either, but I think I will watch the tv series beforehand, so I can easily see if it is something for me or not. I still haven’t read a lot of popular series: Throne of Glass, Mortal Instruments, etc, but I’ve just discovered the fantasy/distopian genre, so maybe I will pick those up soon enough 🙂

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  2. I always think it’s shocking when people haven’t read Harry Potter yet. Like, how did you escape?! Haha.
    Haven’t read Outlander either, or Hamilton. I did start GoT a couple of years back, though – in Dutch – but decided to reread the whole bunch in English. Which I still haven’t done, oops.

    I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award, btw! So if you’re up for it:

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    1. Thank you for the tag! I always love tags 😁
      I don’t know really how I avoided Harry Potter. I guess I had enough books to read! And when someone posts a spoiler (and tells it’s a HP spoiler) I just scroll past is, haha.


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