The Growing Rock – Susanna Lancaster

The Growing Rock is set in 1937, which you immediately notice thanks to Lancaster’s writing style.

In this book, we follow 14-year-old Caroline Neal and her family. Caroline doesn’t have the easiest family, and you’ll notice that really quick. Every family member is very unique, in his or her own way. Sometimes it feels like reading a drama series. I guess you can say it gave me the same vibes as The Little House on the Priairie, so if you like that series, I highly recommend you to check this book out, that is practically a guarantee for liking this book!So, as said before, Caroline doesn’t have the easiest family. When her dad tells her and the family that he has to leave Ripley cotton farm to find work, Caroline can’t help but worry. Her older brother George told them the exact same thing, but no one heard from him since.
But Caroline doesn’t think her brother has died in the Ohio River floods, but most of her family members think he did. Yet there is something in Caroline that tells her he is alive, but why doesn’t he send any letters?
With her dad gone, there I s more work on the fam, especially since her little sister Phoebe is sick quite often. Caroline likes to tell Phoebe the stories George once told her, just with a little twist of her own. She tells Phoebe all about the Growing Rock, that magically grows each year. But as time moves on, Caroline’s hopes are slowly faltering. She barely has anyone to talk with. She has trouble getting comfortable with her childhood friend Peter, and her older sister blanche is more worried about her looks and own problems.
Will Caroline know what to do when the next tragedy hits the Neal family?

While this book contains just 200 pages, it feels like a lot more, in a positive way. Like said before, it gave me the feels of The Little House on the Priarie, and the book left me feeling nostalgic!
I really enjoyed the fact that Lancaster was very clear with the timeline. Not once did I think it was set closer to modern time, which I sometimes miss in books that take place in the past.
Susanna Lancanster did one hell of a job, and I highly recommend you to check this book out if you like books set in the past.
When reading this book, you wouldn’t say the book is written from a 14-year-old’s perspective, but Caroline felt so much older t me! So don’t let the age of our main character discourage you!
I ended up giving this book 3,5 out of 5 stars.



This book is published on 12/12/2017, so on December 12 2017!


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