Summer TBR

Yaaay, school is over! Well, for now. And with a vacation comes a TBR. So here are a few books I am planning on reading this summer! And of course when school’s started I am also planning to read these!

  • The Harry Potter series – J.K. Rowling

I only have to read the last two books in this series, and then I am done! I read the first four books in January, and read the fifth book this July. I hope to finish the series this summer!

  • A Game Of Thrones – G. R. R. Martin

Season 7 has begun, and I think it is time to read the first book in this series. I heard so many things about the series, both the books and the TV series. And I need to read the books before I watch the movie or a TV series. That is just how I roll.
The size of GoT intimidates me more than I like to admit. And in the back of the book is just filled with information about all the families. And that terrifies me even more. But hopefully I’ll finally get the courage to start with the first book of the series!

  • Classics

I am also hoping to get to a few classics this summer. I have a few laying around that I still need to read, such as Moby Dick, Sense and Sensibility and Treasure Island. I always enjoy reading classics, but they are always a bit on the bigger side, and yeah, big books tend to intimidate me!

  • ACOTAR series – Sarah J. Maas

Everyone is like raving about this series, and I haven’t checked them out. I bought the hardcovers (man, aren’t they gorgeous!) so I really want to read them this summer! So far they are on my August TBR, so hopefully I’ll get to them this month!

  • The Dark Artifices – Cassandra Clare

Guys, I just love the Shadowhunter world (not the TV series though). And this year I am finally planning on going back in this world. I CANNOT wait to go back in to this world. I heard so many things about the Dark Artifices (especially #2 Lord of Shadows) and guys. I am so hyped about the series.



So yeah, these are just a few (ahum) books I want to read this summer! Do you make a summer TBR?


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