All About Mia – Lisa Williamson

In All About Mia we follow our main character Mia (kinda obvious here). Mia is the middle child, and she always feels left out in her family. Her older sister Grace, who is nineteen, is a straight A-student and is incredibly smart. It is not strange for Grace to go to the best university.
Audrey is Mia’s younger sister. She is thirteen years old and an amazing swimmer. Everyone expects her to participate in the Olympics somewhere in the future.
The only thing that is all the same, it that all three of the sisters have chocolate brown eyes. Both Audrey and Grace have the smooth, wavy hair from their Irish mother. Mia ended up with her Jamaican dad’s big curly hair. The only thing that Mia has, and no one in her family has, is quite a curvy body. Something that the sixteen-year-old Mia likes to flaunt with. Mia’s life revolves more around her sisters, and Mia’s only talent is partying and drinking ‘till the sun comes up.

When Mia’s oldest sister comes home from university with shocking news, Mia is hoping that her parents realize that Grace isn’t so perfect as she seems to be. But, it is not Grace who is getting into trouble, once again, it is Mia. But it is not the usual trouble…
Mia is the kind of person that always wants that things go her way. She wants that her parents’ life revolves around her, and not her sisters’. Mia tries to get her parents’ attention by getting into trouble over and over again. She doesn’t seem to care if the gets positive or negative attention, as long as it is some form of attention.

Williamson’s writing style is amazing. I enjoyed it so much! The book reads so easily, you will be done with it in no time! You don’t have to think while reading, which makes is a great read for non-native English speakers & readers. It also makes the book an ideal summer book (aka, beach book)!

Of course I also had some negative things about this book, but that mostly revolves around our main character Mia. I had some trouble with her in the beginning, mostly with her behavior. She kept reminding me of an annoying toddler who throws tantrums.

But I ended up enjoying this book and I will fore sure read Lisa Williamson’s other work! It was a pleasure to read her book. I highly recommend you this book, especially if you are going to the beach someday soon!


I ended up giving this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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