Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor has big curly red hair, wears wrong clothes and is a bit bigger than normal girls. Her life isn’t easy since her parents divorced. Her mom got a new boyfriend (now husband) who isn’t very nice (and that is an understatement)
Park doesn’t look like other people in the neighborhood, which has something to do with his genes (he is half Korean, because his parents have the best love story ever)

The two meet because Eleanor moved and it new to Park’s school. Their first encounter is on the bus and Park offers the seat next to him to Eleanor. And that pretty much stars our story.
So Eleanor doesn’t have an easy life. That is pretty obvious when you read the book. But she learned herself to shit up, so no one actually knows anything about her. Eleanor gets picked on, but she never tells anyone. Well, she ends up telling Park eventually, but she doesn’t want his help in any way.

The cover promised me that this would be a tear-jerker, so I was totally ready for some crying, but…. It didn’t make me cry. AT ALL. Not even eyes filled with tears that you can blink away, not even a super sad feeling. So, that was a huge disappointment.

If I am very honest, I don’t see how people would cry over this book. It is literally about teenage love, and for me, that isn’t very special. Maybe because I have never been in love, but that shouldn’t be able to influence my opinion towards this book, right?
But maybe it had something to do with the fact that I wasn’t very fond of Eleanor, yeah, I get why she acted in certain situations. But she never was honest with Park, and that started to bother me more than I like to admit. So yeah, maybe Eleanor was the annoying thing about this book?

But I had a nice time reading it, even though Eleanor got on my nerves.
I enjoyed Rowell’s writing style, if I had to describe her writing style, I would say it is a bit bubbly. But I am definitely planning on checking out her other books!

I ended up rating this book 3 out of 5 stars.


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