Books I wanted to read for ages, but still haven’t read yet

We all own books we wanted very very badly, and we all know a lot of them just end up unread on your shelf for ages. Don’t act like that’s not true, we all have those books!

Today I am telling you about books I wanted very very badly, but are still unread on my bookshelf. ~oops~

So, let’s start off with the first one:

  • The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

This book. I have it for so long! I bought it a long time ago in Waterstone’s, and the person who sold them to me told me it was an amazing book. He was currently reading it and loving it, and yeah. I heard amazing things about this author, but well… It is still unread on my bookshelf….

  • Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

I am sure I am not the only one when it comes to this book. It is huge! But I want to read it before starting the TV show. But yeah, it is still unread… Mostly because its size it quite intimidating. And it is paperback. But I saw the hardcover set (the gorgeous colored one) for not too much. So I think of switching to the hardcovers, so I don’t have to be terrified of the spine breaking.

  • Me, Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

Also a book I was dying to get it. But yeah, still unread ~a bigger oops thank before~ I still want to read it! But yeah, was one of those book I was very excited to get, but I guess I just forgot about it?

  • The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

The DUFF just sounds like a book where you laugh out loud. Yet, I haven’t laughed out loud, because I haven’t read it yet.

  • Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

I bought this book with the DUFF. Both sounded awesome in the bookstore, but they are still sort of crying on my shelf? I really need to read them, they still sound amazing, but I have to bring myself to read them. Especially since I heard a lot of great things about Morgan Matson!



So, yeah, these are a few books that have been on my shelf for so long because I wanted them soo bad! But in the end, I still haven’t read them. I do feel bad about that sometimes, when looking at them. But oh well!


What book has been on your shelf for ages, but you still haven’t read yet?


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