Awake at Dawn – C.C. Hunter

This is the second installment in the Shadowfall series. Click here for my review of the first book. This review can contain some spoilers if you haven’t read book #1.


Kylie Galen still doesn’t know what she is, but she finally found out who her dad is, which is something?!
Anyway, now she gets hunted by another ghost, who keeps telling her someone she knows and loves is dying. She doesn’t know who the spirit means, and it doesn’t look like the spirit is going to tell her who she meant.
And that is not the only thing that is troubling Kylie. She also has an aching heart. Werewolf Lucas left the camp with another girl, who claims Lucas is her mate.
And then there’s Derek, a sexy half Fae who always is there when Kylie needs someone. But Derek knows she feels something for Lucas, and he is pushing Kylie to make a chose between the two guys.

So yeah, there is a lot going on in Kylie’s life. But when you can communicate with spirits of dead people, you know you won’t have a normal life.

The second book in the Shadowfall series is practically the same as the first. The Love Triangle is less present in this book than in the first one. But still, this love triangle isn’t bad, I is acutally good! C.C. Hunter is a great romance writer. I myself am not a big romance fan, but thanks to Hunter’s writing I loved it! And the romance needs to be really really good for me to enjoy it!

And damn, I just love this series. It reads a bit like the Selection series from Kiera Cass, but it is not as light-hearted as the Selection series. But these aren’t very hard books to read. So if you are not a native English speaker, no worries! I’m pretty sure you’ll know what they are talking about J


Anyway, yeah, I definitely recommend these series. I also gave this book 5 stars, the same as book #1!


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