Bookhaul August ’17


I always love bookhauls, maybe that is why my bookhauls are sometimes a bit huge?

I just bought 4 books last month, which is barely anything for me!

In the beginning of the month I bought two books when I was on holiday. I bought them secondhand from a church. I was never expecting to find English books in a place that sells secondhand books. Especially not there. Anyway, I bought these two books:

  • The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
  • Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Both where in hardcover guys! So unexpected! And they are in such an amazing state for being secondhanded.


At the end of the month I went to the city with a friend of mine, and when I was in my favorite bookshop, I just couldn’t go home without books. Since I got Six of Crows last month, I wanted to other book in the duology, which is Crooked Kingdom. It has gorgeous red stained pages, which matches the black from Six of Crows amazingly.

I also bought Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence. I picked that book up multiple times, and finally decided to buy it. When I came home and put it on my shelf, I noticed that I already owned a book of this author, which is Prince of Thorns (which I bought in May). So that was surprising me! I want to read Prince of Thorns first, because that is Mark Lawrence’s debut novel!


Have you read any of the books I bought? And what did you buy last month?


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