All The Bright Places – Jennifer Niven

In All The Bright Places we follow our main characters: Voilet & Theodore.

Theodore is fascinated by death and imagines killing himself. He never attempted killing himself, because every time something good stops him.
Violet thinks about the future, about her graduation. Only because she wants to escape the Indiana town she lives, to get away from the spot where her sister lost her life.

Violet and Theodore end up as partners on a school project to discover the “natural wonders” of their state.
A boy who thinks about death ends up with a girl who wants to avoid death.

This book has been on my shelf for a while (like pretty much every book on my shelf), and when bibliophile_books_life on Instagram suggested a buddyread, I had to agree!

While this book stars innocent(ish). You get a bit terrified of the crying part that everyone warns you about. But I kept reading, yay! Mostly because I ended up loving Theodore Finch. He has the kind of humor I love, and I could relate to his personality.

I also enjoyed reading the perspectives of Violet. I didn’t know if I ended up liking her, bus thanks goodness I did!

In the beginning I was a bit worried that the story would be like the one in Our Chemical Hearts, but it wasn’t! I was very relieved to see this story take a different turn, it was also way a better story!
But honestly, I did not get the feels so many people had with this book. Maybe because it was quite easy to guess what would be on the next pages, which took away the element of surprise. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the story, the main characters and even the side characters.

But because of the fact that this book barely had an element of surprise for me, I do not fully understand why people rave over it. Yes, it deals with mental health and suicidal thought, but so many young adult books (especially contemporary ones) deal with these issues. And just rating a book because it contains those elements it not the way it is supposed to be. Yes it is good that people tell about these things, that it is not something to be ashamed about, but just because a book contain something like that, doesn’t make them a great book. (sorry for my little rant, keep in mind that this is still a personal opinion!)


But anyway, yes I enjoyed this book, and it would be a book to re-read. If you like books that deal with “heavier” subjects, I highly recommend you pick this one up!


I ended up giving it 3,5 out of 5 stars.


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