Melody’s Key – Dallas Coryell

In Melody’s Key we meet Tegan, Tegan Lockwood. She never got a chance to even try and make her dreams come true, thanks to the sacrifices she has to make for her family. Her days consists of working for her family’s business, that is struggling to pay the never ending bills.

Is this all she can accomplish in life? And to make things even more diffuclt, they receive a mysterious guest, and it looks like Tegan is struggling to even smile at the guest, thanks to prejudices or the truth?

First of all, I want to thank the author for sending this book to me. I noticed that I never thanked a author for such thing, even though I am always so glad and happy to review their books!

When I heard this was a romance young adult, I wasn’t sure if I would read it, because I am quite harsh when it comes to romance books. But I ended up giving this one a go, and I have to say it pleasantly surprised me!
The romance in this book is bubbly, cute and just overall adorable (yes I said that! I know, big shocker for those who know me). Yeah, sometimes it got a bit eye-rolling-cliche, but thanks to Coryell’s writing style, I kept being interested in the book, and in the end it wasn’t really that annoying.
The book even surprised me more its its unexpected plot twist, which I would never expect to be in this boo!

Now that I have finished it, I keep wondering about our characters. And I kinda miss them? They were adorable and just crawled right in my heart.

The only “bigger” downside was the descriptions of the music aspects of this book. This is because I don’t know anything about music, literally nothing. I tried playing the piano but my hands have to move at the same time, so I quit after figuring that out.
But if you do play an instruments, these parts will definitely make the book more “alive” for you!

After finishing the book I found out that Dallas Coryell actually wrote music for this book! That is called dedication! And I kinda wish I knew it earlier, so I could just listen the music with the book. But it was a nice surprise at the end nevertheless!


I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars!


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