Buddy Read!

When Annemik (aka TumblingTBR) suggested a buddyread, I immediately said yes. There barely was any troubling with picking a book! We ended up picking Flame in the Mist by Renée Adhieh. Annemik really wanted to read it and also owned it. I am still a bit on the fence about it, because I wasn’t a fan of Adhieh’s book The Wrath in the Dawn.

People told me I shouldn’t judge an author thanks to one book. But I admit, I do. And The Wrath and the Dawn sounded so interesting, but it was just way to cliché in the end for me.

But, I am going to give Flame in the Mist a go! I own it, and I can always sell in if I end up disliking it. But! I need to stop already being so negative about it! Maybe I end up loving it!


But, don’t forget to check out the blog of TumblingTBR, and her Instagram! (because goals!)


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