Bookhaul September

And I was planning on not buying so many books. Guess who bought a lot of books?

I guess I should start with the review copies I received. I got three review copies total, and I am so happy with all of them.


  • In the Company of Wolves – Cory Barclay
  • Zarox – Louis Smith
  • Where Creatures Hide – P.J. Shepard


Now, on to the books I bought. Keep in mind, I bought one book for full price. There was a discount for English books in a bookstore I visit regularly.

The book I bought for full price was:

  • Warcross – Marie Lu

And it is the rainbow edition. I am very curious about this one, because it is about a sort of game?


Then, on to the books I bought with discount:

  • The Orphan Queen – Jodi Meadows
  • Thicker than Water – Kelly Fiore Stulz
  • Strike – Delilah S. Dawson
  • This is not a test – Courtney Summers


So yeah, six new physical books. And they weren’t planned! I bought the discount books at the end of the month. I was actually thinking I could make it through the month with buying just one book. Boy was I wrong!


What books did you bought in September?


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