Rebel in the Sands – Alwyn Hamilton

Mortals rule the desert nation of Miraji, but there are still mythical beasts out there that roam the wild and remote areas.
Rumor has it that Djinn still preform their magic.
For humans, the desert is an unforgiving place, especially If you are poor, female or orphaned.
Amani Al’ Hizi bellows to all three categories. She is a gifted gunslinger with a perfect aim, but he is unable to shoot her way out of the village she lives in: Dustwalk. The village where she was born, and most likely will die. When Amani gets undercover in a shooting contest, she meets Jin, a foreigner. Amani sees the perfect escape route in him, but she never imagined galloping away on a mythical horse.

Amani was a character I fell in love with. She went thru some huge character development. WHICH WAS THE BEST. She changed so much in this book, and I loved it! This book was mind-blowing, and so exciting! I was never expecting the stuff that came next.
I may or may not have found a new book-boyfriend. Jin is freaking amazing! He doesn’t save Amani, because she doesn’t need saving. Amani is soo bad-ass!

I cannot tell you a lot about this book, mostly because you need to discover this world by yourself, all I can tell you is that I loved this book soo much and cannot wait to buy the sequel (even though, sadly, there isn’t a matching cover to my hardcover version)

I gave this book the highest rating, and wish I could give it more stars, because it deserves a higher rating then just 5 stars!



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