In the Company of Wolves – Cory Barclay

In The Company of Wolves we continue where Devil in the Countryside (click here for the review) left us. In this book we follow three groups of travelers – a awesome fearless female pirate, a priest and his wife who escaped to England to avoid persecution, and a young thief from the slums of Germany. All have different reasons for venturing out in these times.

Is the Werewolfof Bedburg still alive? Killing the innocent and roaming around freely? Many believe he’s still out there.

As each traveler searches for their individual answers, these three seemingly separated stories slowly merge to one. Will each traveler find the answer they need?

I noticed I never thanked Cory for my review copy for Devil in the Countryside! Hereby, thank you so much for that review copy, and for this one!


I have to admit, I forgot quite a lot of things from Devil in the Countryside. But, while reading this book, a lot of it came back slowly.

I enjoyed this book so much, I think even more than the first book. I especially loved our female pirate captain. She was so amazing! Cory Barclay wrote about her like the readers knew her for ages. As if she was in the first book! I think she was the best character in this book. God, I need a book just about her. ~fangirls some more~

We also meet some characters we already knew from Devil in the Countryside. But those characters are so different from the first book. Note this book takes place two years after the first book. But sometimes you read books, that take place years after the first book, but the characters haven’t changed at all, it doesn’t even seem like they aged and learned from the things that happened. But that is in some books, but not in this one! The characters learned from their past, and it just makes them feel even more real. Almost as if they were alive at some point in history!

Overall, this book was very fast paced and it didn’t have the information overload book #1 sometimes had. Which got me even more in the story, it was so hard to stop reading!

I so recommend these series, I cannot wait to read the third installment!


I gave this book 4,5 stars.


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