Zarox – Louis Smith

First of all, thanks for the review copy! The author gave me a review copy, in exchange for a honest review.

In Zarox we meet four friends: Parker, Riley, Callum and Lucy. You immediately notice their roles in this story. Parker is the leader of the group, Lucy is the ‘Hermoine’ in this story, Riley is the tough guy, and Callum is Parker’s younger brother.

The friends take you on a journey to a world called Zarox, which they discover by accident. I loved the world builing so much, it made Zarox come alive right before your own eyes. It was almost like I was standing in Zarox, and was part of the group of friends.

From the moment they set a foot in Zarox, their adventure begins… They meet creatures that want them gone, but also ones that want to help them. And in return, the group of friends help them.
To give Peter, Callum, Riley and Lucy some more strength, they each chose a magical crystal. They receive the crystal’s power, and their adventure officially begins.

Thanks to Louis’ writing style, everything in this book turns to something real right before your eyes. I loved the relationships between them, you just notice how much they care about each other. They are probably the definition of true friendship. And the characters just grow up right before your eyes, almost like they are your own children.

The biggest downside for me was the fact that I struggled so much with getting in this story. It was a struggle from start to finish. This is the main reason why I gave this book ‘just’ 3,5 stars. I loved so many things in this book, yet I never really got into the story. I think it was because I wasn’t really in the mood for this book? I don’t know. Or maybe because it wasn’t really the book for me.

Nevertheless, this book does has many great elements, and I would recommend you this book!

I gave this book 3,5/5 stars.


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