Bookhaul November ’17

Gosh guys, the last month of the year has come. Which also means Christmas time (which I love), but that also means this year is almost over!

Last month I just bought one book. Mostly because there haven’t been any new releases I liked. There were months this year I just bought waay to many books, but the last few month I barely bought any books. So hopefully there will be new releases next year that I will enjoy!


Last month I only bought the Anniversary Edition of City of Bones. I ordered it so early, and I was super hyped when I got a mail that said I could pick up my edition at my local bookstore. And it is just so pretty!


I also got two review copies last month:

  • Een Canvas vol Liefde – M.C. Julien
    This book is a Dutch review copy, so my review will probably only appear on Goodreads or so. But I am super excited about this book, it also has a gorgeous cover!
  • Silent Song – Jaci Wheeler

This book releases in January 2018, and I got a copy (yay). But I am practically always hyped about review copies. But be aware that I only pick review copies I actually like. I don’t want to force myself to read books I don’t want to read, or give an author a bad review because I disliked the book (in other words, I do turn down authors)



What books did you got last month?


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