Favorites of 2017

Another year has passed, filled with amazing and not-so-amazing books. And today I want to talk about all those amazing books that I’ve read the past year!


My first 5 star read was actually a Harry Potter book, the second one in the series to be precise! It was also my only five star read of that month, which is a bit of same.



February kicked of great with Caraval. A book I loved and have been recommending to pretty much everyone throughout the entire year! The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer quickly followed, which I also gave 5 stars, but since so many people were disappointed in the third book in the trilogy/series, I am a bit hesitant to continue!



March started of with me reading a book I completely bought for its cover, namely Anatomy of A Soldier. I loved the cover, and the story was very unexpected and original. So it was a pleasant surprise, to say the least!
I also read the first book in the Shadow Fall series, which is Born At Midnight. I loved it! And I ordered the next two immediately after I finished reading! And it has become one of my favorite series of all time! (Though I have yet to finish it)

My last favorite book March was History is All You Left Me, which was my very first encounter with an author I heard amazing things of! And he did not disappoint!



My first favorite read of April was The Bone Season, since I picked up a signed edition, it was even more awesome that I enjoyed it that much!

This was also the month I signed up to Netgalley, and I read an ARC I loved, which was Objects in the Mirror. And you know what the most awesome thing was? The author personally contacted me! Which was something I never expected to happen!

Another favorite ARC of mine was The Way Back Home. It was very short, but I had to take my time reading it. Why? Because I was bawling my eyes out most of the time! I have to admit I never read the last chapter in the book, because I couldn’t. I already cried so much during this novel, and I couldn’t endure to cry more.

I finished April with reading the second installment in the Shadow Fall series, which is Awake at Dawn. And I loved it as much as I did with the first one, which is amazing!



In the beginning of May, I didn’t read anything that I wanted to give 5 stars, until The Queen of the Tearling came along. I am always hesitant regarding fantasy books, especially adult ones, but this one is a perfect mix of adult and YA fantasy, which made it a great read!

The Names They Gave Us was a contemporary I read soon after, and it blew my mind! I finished it in a day, and I loved it!



I kicked of June with Rebel in the Sands. I bought the gorgeous hardcover secondhand, and yeah. It might have been a cover buy… But I really loved the story, and am waiting for a matching hardcover to release!

I also picked up the second book in the Grisha trilogy (finally), which is Siege and Storm, and yeah. I loved it!



Since this was the year I was planning to read the whole Harry Potter series, I decided to continue with the fifth one (Order of the Phoenix) and I really loved it!

The other amazing book I read this month was The Summer I Turned Pretty. I kept hearing about it, and that people loved the trilogy. And since I owned it for a pretty long time, I decided it was time to read the first one, and I really fell in love with it! It is the kind of book that you think of, when you think of the contemporary genre!



The only book in August that I gave 5 stars is, surprise!, a Sarah J. Maas book! I really enjoyed A Court Of Wings And Ruin!



I didn’t read a lot of books in September, but there was a book I gave 5 stars, which is The Orphan Queen. I really need to pick up the second book!



October was a great month regarding the books I’ve read. I read three books in total, and I gave them all 5 stars! I started October with Mr. Mercedes, it was the first Stephen King book that I read, and I really enjoyed it! It took me almost two weeks to finish it, which is long! Stalking Jack the Ripper was the second book of October. There was a lot of hype surrounding it, so I was a bit on the fence. But I ended up really enjoying it!
The last book I read in October was a sequel, and a review copy (love those!). It was In A Company of Wolves. I loved certain characters in this book!



I started November with diving back into the Shadowhunter world with Lady Midnight. And man, I missed that world! So I had to give it 5 stars, and yeah. I was in love once again!
And finally, after my friends convincing me I had to read it, I picked up A Darker Shade of Magic. And I guess the rest is history? I never expted to like it as much as I did, but yeah, I did!



Last but not least, December came around. And I read so many books! The first favorite one I read was One of Us is Lying. I got it as an ARC, but life happened and I totally forgot to download it! Nevertheless, I read it, and loved it!

And my latest 5 star read was also an ARC, it was The Chalk Man. Which was a thriller I loved so so much!



So, these were all the books I gave 5 stars! What book did you love last year?


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