Bookhaul January + December

So yeah, I didn’t do a bookhaul of December, mostly because I ended up buying just two books, and decided to merge it with the bookhaul of January!


In December I bought two books, and I got a digital review copy. I got a review copy of The Chalk Man, which was a thriller I LOVED! My review is already up (click here to read it). Spoiler, I loved it!

The two books I bought, were Phobos and Phobos2. They are books that have been translated to Dutch (the original ones are in French) and I heard so many amazing stories about the books. I ended up picking them up for €7,50 each, which is kinda cheap.



Oh god guys, brace yourselves! Maybe I went a bit too crazy? I’m going to explain it, I promise! So, in the Netherlands and Belgium, we have something called Boekenfestijn. It travels through both countries, and it sells books kinda cheap. Let’s say, at least 3,5 times cheaper than in stores? (At least for the English books). I told myself I was only allowed to buy books I really want to read, and not to buy them just because I’m a tiny bit interested and they are just super cheap. So that went well actually. But yeah, that is the reason why I bought a lot of books.


I started the month with ordering a book from bookdepository and amazon. The book I ordered from BD was An Enchantment of Ravens. The book came super quick, it arrived within a week of me ordering it, which rarely happens (mostly it takes around 2 weeks), so that was a pleasant surprise. The book I ordered from amazon was Scythe, because it sounded super interesting. (I already read and finished this one, so if you follow me on Goodreads, you’ll probably saw my rating already (I gave it 5 stars)).


And then…. All the book I bought from het Boekenfestijn. DON’T JUDGE.

  • Moth Girls – Anne Cassidy;
  • Skarlet – Thomas Emson;
  • Zombie Britannica – Thomas Emson;
  • Pandemonium Road – Thomas Emson;
  • Between the Lines – Jodi Picoult & Samantha van Leer;
  • The White Queen – Philippa Gregory;
  • The Red Queen – Philippa Gregory;
  • The Kingmaker’s Daughter – Philippa Gregory;
  • The Exclusives – Rebecca Thomton;
  • Deep Blue – Jennifer Donnelly;
  • De Blauwe Diamant – Jennifer Donnelly;
  • Donker Getij – Jennifer Donnelly;
  • We All Fall Down – Michael Harvey;
  • Hunter Killer – Chris Ryan;
  • The Maid – Kimberly Cutter.


So yeah, quite a few books! I was so happy when I saw the books from Philippa Gregory! I really wanted them for a while. So when I saw them for €3,50 each, I knew I had to get them! Sadly, they didn’t have the first one, so I have to buy that one separately. Nevertheless, I was super happy when I spotted them. Let’s say I would’ve protected them with my life.



Have you read any of the books that I bought? And what did you buy the last few months?


2 thoughts on “Bookhaul January + December

  1. Boekenfestijn equals financial death! Although I have to say I did pretty well last time compared to other times.. Maybe because I was focused on finding some missing installments from series I partly owned already? I don’t know. I also don’t buy any Dutch books anymore so that probably helped as well, haha. I do wish they’d expand their English books though!

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