TBR April + Wrap-up March

And another month has passed! Time flies by so quickly!  Let’s start with a wrap-up of last month.


In March I read a total of four books, two of which were re-reads. Not a lot of reading has been done in March, nevertheless, I’m glad with the books I’ve read.


I kicked of the month with a re-read of Gemina, since Obsidio was releasing in March. So I re-read Gemina (and loved it even more than the first time around) and right after I started Obsidio. I postponed reading Obsidio pretty hard to be honest. It took me a total of 7 days to finish it, and I ended up reading the first 150 pages in 4 days. What do you mean postponing? Nevertheless, I read the remaining 465 pages within the other 3 days. So yeah. Obsidio made me feel all the feels, for sure. It was the best way to end a trilogy, and I feel so sad that the series has ended! I am for sure to re-read the series over the summer. So yeah, I ended up giving Obsidio 5 stars, and my heart.

My other re-read was Cinder, I read this for a bookclub. The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series! So it was nice to revisit The Lunar Chronicles!

My last read of the month was Everless. I heard amazing this about it, so in the end I bought it, and read it within the same month. I actually enjoyed the story more than I thought I would, and I would for sure recommend it to anyone who asks for my opinion!



We’re halfway into April right now, or at least in the second week of April. So I’ve already read a few books, but I’m not telling you which ones yet (you check my Goodreads if you’re really curious). So far I have 5 books on my TBR, which is reasonably I think.

The first book I really want to read is Six Month Horse by Tudor Robins. This is the prequel to the Island Series, a series I’m really enjoying. For those of you who want to read good YA books with horses, I highly recommend you to read books written by Tudor Robins!

The second and third book I want to read, are by the same author; Jinah S. Bazzar. She contacted me a few days ago to read the prequel and the first book in her new series. The reviews will be up this month!

The fourth book I want to read this month is a book that releases in April, the release was on the 3rd of April, and it is one of my highly anticipated releases of this year! If you have no clue which book, I’ll drop a hint: ZOMBIES! No, still no clue? Well, it is Dread Nation by Justine Ireland. Super hyped about this read, and I really want to get the review up asap after me finishing this book. Probably next month or so.

The last book I think I want to read this month, is This Savage Song by VE Schwab. It arrived in March, and I hear so many this about this duology from VE Schwab. Mostly because it doesn’t involve romance, which sounds pretty amazing!


What books have you read last month, and what books are you planning to read this month?


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