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Moon Called – Patricia Briggs

In Moon Called we meet Mercedes Thompson, who is a coyote shapeshifter and she usually lives a relatively quiet life. But her life wasn’t like that in the last week. Mercy has seen her friends getting kidnapped, killed nd assaulted. And things are even going downwards. A war between werewolves is erupting, and Mercy is… Continue reading Moon Called – Patricia Briggs


The Siren Chronicles – Douglas J. Sloan

When Marine Biologist Elias Courtney is cleaning up. What is the worst oil spill in California History, he stumbles up on the unthinkable. A beautiful young woman is washed up on the desecrated beach. She is tangled in the black seaweed. She is still alive, but won’t survive for long without any help. Why would… Continue reading The Siren Chronicles – Douglas J. Sloan